Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Park City

At the end of our long and exciting summer, we went to Park City with our friends the Mitchell family. (Jeremy, Jana and their boys Aaron and Tai). This was very fun cause I got to do the zip line along with attempting to bungie jump. Now remember I still am not up to walking for any length in distance. And my legs are very weak but I was determined to do it. After we spent the day playing we had a yummy dinner and stopped at the outlet mall to do some shopping. Thank you Mitchell's for helping make our day a success!
Hurray for me!
waiting to ride the Alpine coaster.
Clay, Jana, Jeremy and the boys.
Me and Kayla on the ski lift.
The gang
Yep that's me about to make a fool of myself!

Yes that was me screaming HOLY SHIT!!!

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