Friday, April 30, 2010

My new challenge

My foot/heel is a royal pain. Icing it seems to help but in order not to be stuck sitting with my foot up in the air, I wrap it. I start my Physical Therapy Monday morning. I am not a morning person but my dad will be here for a week and I don't want to miss anytime away from him. So I took the 7:30 am sessions.

Because his time schedule (Alaska time)is different then ours here in Utah, I knew he would not be waking up too early in the mornings. So I made my PT then. I could be all done and he would not even know I was gone. The trick is going to be getting Kayla ready and trusting that she will be responsible enough to get herself to school by 8:00.

The foot doctor told me that I would need to go 2-3 times a week for at least 1 hour. Also said they would be doing some pretty intense things to my foot which will more than likely make it uncomfortable for a week or so. Not looking forward to that. I have a concert to attend at the end of the week. Sugarland is WAY worth the pain! I know they will be thinking "I wish that girl over there would stop screaming so loud, we can't hear ourselves sing"...LOL (that girl would be ME!)

I am so excited that my dad is going to be here this week. I just wish the weather would cooperate with giving us a little bit of sun.

I will be posting more after they abuse me at my PT sessions. I will make sure to take my camera. The thought of shaving my legs everyday isn't one of my favorite things either, but I know I have too. What if the PT is a HUBBA HUBBA? Don't want to be embarrassed with stubby leg hairs. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another trip to the doctor...

Going to the Neurologist tomorrow to see if I can get some answers to my health issues. I hope he doesn't put me on STEROIDS. I hate those things. I will keep you updated. Love ya.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Then Reality hits!

With MS I get the basic weakness, numbness, lack of movement, fatigue, and the dreaded NERVE pain. There are several reasons why I get these symptoms. But over all this years I have found that STRESS is the big one for me. This is a copy of the post I added to my WW blog.

This past week I have had several stresses. 1~my baby boys court hearing with his sex abuser, 2~my dad's visit next week from Alaska for a week (getting my house in order and making sure my 11 yr old doesn't upset him with her dis respect towards me), 3~seeing my oldest son in Prison (not knowing if he is ok there and when he will be getting out or at least moved closer to me), 4~knowing my weight loss might not being as good as I expected it to be this week (after I felt like I am working and sacrificing to do it), 5~Where I am hurting my loved ones by talking about my weight loss so much (making them feel guilt that they aren't), 6~getting my home cleaned for my guests, 7~not spending more time with my grand kids so my daughter gets more of a break, 8~being there for my mom's emotional ride while she deals with her sick husband, 9~the fear of not being able to walk again and relying on the wheel chair, 10~the goal that I set when I reached a 50 pound loss and we were going to Hawaii but now that trip is causing me anxiety on whether I want to be that far away from my family. As you can see I worry about things WAY too much. My family told me once that "I would worry, if I didn't have anything to worry about."

A few weeks ago my feet were causing me LOTS of pain and I thought (was hoping) it was just the fact I was not wearing shoes. But now the pain has moved up my right leg shooting electrical shock pains all the way up to my growing area. And it is getting worse. And my right foot is constantly a sleep with the pins and needle feeling always sticking me. This morning my right side and arm and hand are now hurting. This is what MS does to me. I am taking my Valiums and trying to get as much rest as I can. But as I lay in my bed my mind races with ALL the things that need to be done before next Saturday. I wish I could turn off my chatter box in my head.

I was so excited to share with my dad that I could walk better now and that I am moving more. But if he sees me like this it will break his heart and mine too. It looks like my weight training will need to be postponed a week or til I get better. And the past has show me that when I get like this I don' want to eat which will also effect my weigh in on Thursday. It's going to be a hard week for me and I pray I can get past this as quickly as possible.
This Too will pass as the doctors have stated...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

So you want RED!

I went tanning today and I asked for a lotion that would help me feel the burn. I know I am weird but I really like the burning feeling on my skin. I bought an unlimited pass for a month. The bed I go to is the Ultra Ruva bed. It doesn't have the burning UV rays like the Wolf beds. I am getting tanner but missing the burn feeling. So the person there told me about this lotion.

It's called Betrayal.

It brings the blood to the surface of your skin causing it to tingle. He warned me that I would look RED when I came out but it would not stay that way. After about 3 hours it will go into a tan. Man was he right! I felt the burn this time and I was REALLY RED right after. Now it is toning down and it looks much better. I think I want this lotion but it cost $70 for one bottle. (and its not that big either) I only go to the tanning beds for the 1st month of summer then I use the natural sun rays outdoors to keep me tan. I always have thought that BROWN fat looks thinner than WHITE fat. Hence I tan!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A day in the sun...

I took my family to the U of U to watch the Utes and the alumni's play some practice games. The sun was shining and we had a great time. Took over 170 pictures and we all got our first sun burn of the season. Brandon came up from Utah county for the week end. It was his first time at a real football game.
I got to see a lot of the players from last year. We even got to speak to a couple of them.Matt Asiata
Terrance Cain
Former Ute player Scott Mitchell
getting sacked by Louie Sakoda
Former player Brian Johnson
(quaterback coach now)
And we can't forget SWOOP with Kayla.
It was a day of fun for all and I think we will make this a yearly event. It was free to the public and after they offered autographs to the fans. Clay and the kids went down on the field and fought the crowds of people to get Coach Whit's autograph.

After we got home, I was very very pleased with the job our neighbor boy did on my bushes. Here's a before picture, while he was just starting.
Now this is what I came home to see. What a big change. I love it when my bushes are all trimmed. It makes the yard look so cute.What a GREAT day we had.

Friday, April 16, 2010


So yesterday it was such a pretty day outside, I decided to go and enjoy the sun. Kayla came home from school and wanted to play some basketball in the driveway. I thought I would enjoy watching her for awhile. THEN...I got a wild hair up my butt! I was just thinking earlier that day that I need to start working on weight training and mixing up my exercise routine. So what better way to do that then to throw some hoops with my little girl. Every year I try to throw the ball in the basket, but every year it doesn't even get close to the net. My body strength was very weak and even with the hoop at its shortest level, I could not hit the net. But this time the hoop was all the way up and I was standing not in my wheel chair. So I thought I would try again. And OMG I actually hit the net, on the 1st try. Now to see if I could get it in the net!

It only took me a couple of tries and BAM! it went in!!! I was so excited and so was Kayla! With that little bit of determination I continued to shot more baskets. I even did a few lay up shots (not the prettiest form but I made the basket). My excitement got the best of me and I thought I would try to chase the ball after Kayla's rebound. Well....I guess I am not quite ready to run...LOL

I fell and I mean I fell hard. I caught the fall with my hands and knee but the force of the fall caused my haed to slam into the cement. OUCH!!! I didn't cry cause I could see that Kayla was concerned about me when she saw the blood. It was just the 2 of us at home and I was laying on the driveway bleeding. Poor Kayla, she ran into the house and got the wet wash cloth, a baggie of ice and a band aid. After further examination, I realized I was not injured bad enough to call a neighbor to help.

Kayla assisted me up and back to my patio swing. She felt really bad and thought she was responsible. I told her she did not cause me to fall, it was my STUBBORNESS!!!

I have a profound sympathy for abused people, cause that's how I feel. I never knew I had so many parts of my body that could hurt all at the same time. I am way too old to be falling on the cement. But it sure felt good to be able to throw the ball hard enough to make a basket.

As much as I hurt the day after, I am not going to let a few bumps and bruises keep me down. I will continue to do challenging thing. I will ride a 2 wheel bike and get back on roller skates again. (despite of what my husband thinks). I am very stubborn and I credit my quality of life to that. I could just as easily give up and not try anything new or hard. But that's not me! Or who I want to be! I am making my life better for me and my family. These scars will heal. I will continue to buy more Neosprin and stay active as much as I can..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is here!

A long awaited time to be able to get the swing back out. I hate winter and long for Springtime. Today is the first nice day this year but it is going to be short lived I am afraid. But I love this time of year!

Seeing the neighbors flowers start to come alive really brings joy to my eyes. I am not a gardener so I have to enjoy everybody else's flowers.

You know its close to summer when the kids are out riding their bikes, throwing a ball, roller blading, playing basketball, etc....

And then there's the sound of the Harley...As soon as the weather gets anywhere close to warm, out comes Clay with his helmet and a big smile. With Kayla right behind him!
I love Springtime! I think Clay would disagree cause with Spring comes his least favorite thing....YARD WORK! Poor guy. Maybe I will hire me a really HOT "yard boy"... Kind of like a "pool boy!"...Then he might want to do it himself. LOL

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My night with Jason and Luke!

My new Country Music love is Jason Aldean. I was lucky enough to attend his concert. I took a dear friend with me, Heidi, and I think we both had a blast. The song that made him popular is playing on my IPOD. She's Country is the name you can enjoy the video for it too.

Me and Heidi!

This is Luke Bryan!

This is my HUBBA HUBBA Jason Aldean!

Me getting into the concert!
Thank you Heidi you were way more fun than taking my boring ole Hubby!
I stood and yelled and sang the whole concert. I didn't even bring my wheel chair either. This was the first concert I walked and stood for. After the concert I needed Heidi's help getting me back to the car. It looked like we were lovers and really drunk. We laughed until our sides hurt!
Crazy people we met at the concert.
He had WAY too much fun....or beer!
Got to love meeting new people. It was a great night filled with music and dancing and lots of laughter.