Friday, April 30, 2010

My new challenge

My foot/heel is a royal pain. Icing it seems to help but in order not to be stuck sitting with my foot up in the air, I wrap it. I start my Physical Therapy Monday morning. I am not a morning person but my dad will be here for a week and I don't want to miss anytime away from him. So I took the 7:30 am sessions.

Because his time schedule (Alaska time)is different then ours here in Utah, I knew he would not be waking up too early in the mornings. So I made my PT then. I could be all done and he would not even know I was gone. The trick is going to be getting Kayla ready and trusting that she will be responsible enough to get herself to school by 8:00.

The foot doctor told me that I would need to go 2-3 times a week for at least 1 hour. Also said they would be doing some pretty intense things to my foot which will more than likely make it uncomfortable for a week or so. Not looking forward to that. I have a concert to attend at the end of the week. Sugarland is WAY worth the pain! I know they will be thinking "I wish that girl over there would stop screaming so loud, we can't hear ourselves sing"...LOL (that girl would be ME!)

I am so excited that my dad is going to be here this week. I just wish the weather would cooperate with giving us a little bit of sun.

I will be posting more after they abuse me at my PT sessions. I will make sure to take my camera. The thought of shaving my legs everyday isn't one of my favorite things either, but I know I have too. What if the PT is a HUBBA HUBBA? Don't want to be embarrassed with stubby leg hairs. Wish me luck...

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