Thursday, April 8, 2010

My night with Jason and Luke!

My new Country Music love is Jason Aldean. I was lucky enough to attend his concert. I took a dear friend with me, Heidi, and I think we both had a blast. The song that made him popular is playing on my IPOD. She's Country is the name you can enjoy the video for it too.

Me and Heidi!

This is Luke Bryan!

This is my HUBBA HUBBA Jason Aldean!

Me getting into the concert!
Thank you Heidi you were way more fun than taking my boring ole Hubby!
I stood and yelled and sang the whole concert. I didn't even bring my wheel chair either. This was the first concert I walked and stood for. After the concert I needed Heidi's help getting me back to the car. It looked like we were lovers and really drunk. We laughed until our sides hurt!
Crazy people we met at the concert.
He had WAY too much fun....or beer!
Got to love meeting new people. It was a great night filled with music and dancing and lots of laughter.

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