Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is here!

A long awaited time to be able to get the swing back out. I hate winter and long for Springtime. Today is the first nice day this year but it is going to be short lived I am afraid. But I love this time of year!

Seeing the neighbors flowers start to come alive really brings joy to my eyes. I am not a gardener so I have to enjoy everybody else's flowers.

You know its close to summer when the kids are out riding their bikes, throwing a ball, roller blading, playing basketball, etc....

And then there's the sound of the Harley...As soon as the weather gets anywhere close to warm, out comes Clay with his helmet and a big smile. With Kayla right behind him!
I love Springtime! I think Clay would disagree cause with Spring comes his least favorite thing....YARD WORK! Poor guy. Maybe I will hire me a really HOT "yard boy"... Kind of like a "pool boy!"...Then he might want to do it himself. LOL

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