Friday, July 10, 2009

Alaska trip 2009

Went to visit my dad in Fairbanks Alaska in the summer 2009. The activities were too many to list but here are a couple highlights. Kayla got to go up in the cock pit of the airplane on her first airplane ride. She was really excited when the co-pilot let her wear his hat too.


My dad and family on his boat.

Kayla has a big one..Clay is helping her. This was on my dad's boat out at Valdez.
My dad and Kayla's halibut that she caught
It was a big struggle but I DID IT!!!
"Kiss the fish you catch",
that was my dad's boat rules!
Not a bit excited! I caught the biggest one of the day. 35 pound halibut!

Santa's House:
Kayla visiting Santa's reindeer.
Santa works Union
Sitting in Santa's chair.

Kayla at the North Pole at Santa's house.

Gold mining:
The train conductor who took us up to the mine.

Panning for gold!
How they used to pan gold. Sluice box system. Kayla and I got $19.00 in gold and Clay only got a couple of dollars. He was too careful I


Sea Otter
Sea lions
Musk Ox
River boat ride:

Going down the Tanana River. With the love of my life!

Alaska Pipeline:

dad explaining how this all works.

It rained the 1st day we were there, but the weather turned really nice the rest of the trip. Thank you dad it was a great trip!

Dad's cabin:

Kayla tubing on the river at my dad's cabin.

The midnight sun:

Midnight sun out on the boat

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