Thursday, December 24, 2009

A game of Twister

We went to my brothers home for a Christmas Eve party/get together with family. There was a lot of food and great company. I have been very blessed to have such a successful and sweet brother. Having a career as a Corporate lawyer has been very good to him and his family. Living in a home as big as he does, allows him to have people over and there isn't even an issue of having enough space.

They had a gift there for Kayla and the rest of the kids. She wanted a Twister game; so I put a bug in his ear. She was very excited to see she got it! After losing the battle of getting the grown-ups to play; she started with the kids. It didn't take much to get her cousin Lili to jump on board. Even her BIG brother joined in. It was so priceless to see them play. Only wish she could have convinced the adults to play just 1 game. Now that would have been FUNNY!


nikki1488 said...

looks like they had lots of fun, i wish i could have been there i would have played to

Linda said...

It is so wonderful to watch kids at play. Sorry the adults didn't join in could have had some really great pictures on them!
Such a great job on your 12 days of Christmas. I will finish looking at it later on.

Hadley Family said...

Now that you've conqured walking and stairs again, isn't Twister next?