Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was a my mom's house this year. There was a smaller gathering than past years. My step dad has been dealing with health problems so we didn't want to overload his day with a lot of people. Those who did come were Clay and I along with Kayla, Nicole and Klint along with Kennedy, Brandon came up from Orem, my step sister Lesia (yes its spelled the same way as mine but pronounced as Lisa) and her 2 boys, Danny and Aurthur and Aurthur's wife Joy. The food was fabulous as usual. Had all the traditional dishes, unfortunately for me I was dieting so I only had fruits and vegetables with a small amount of very yummy turkey.It was good to share the day with my kids.

my dinner...boo hoo

The pictures are not the best due to them being from my cell phone. Can you believe I forgot the camera? But at least you get the idea.

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