Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My little Kennedy

Kennedy is my grand daughter from Nicole. She just turned 2 on November 28th. The love of her life is her sister/Aunt Kayla(it's complicating), . When Kayla is around no one is important to her anymore...it's ALL ABOUT "her Kayla"! She calls her Kila its so cute. She is learning to talk and she has a big vocabulary if you understand her language...lol I love the way she calls me gamma, Her favorite shows are Tom and Jerry and Bolt. She is very determined and gives her family a full day of energy. She will be having a little brother to play with very soon now (like 2weeks). That should keep mommy busy...lol Celebrating her birthday was fun to see her get excited about the gifts, can't wait till Christmas morning. What a perfect age! She loves to help do just about anything that she can do. She is a very busy girl..

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Katharine Wolfgramm Wilson said...

Oh how cute...she's a Thanksgiving baby! Kayla is soo good with her....So excited to see you blogging!