Saturday, April 17, 2010

A day in the sun...

I took my family to the U of U to watch the Utes and the alumni's play some practice games. The sun was shining and we had a great time. Took over 170 pictures and we all got our first sun burn of the season. Brandon came up from Utah county for the week end. It was his first time at a real football game.
I got to see a lot of the players from last year. We even got to speak to a couple of them.Matt Asiata
Terrance Cain
Former Ute player Scott Mitchell
getting sacked by Louie Sakoda
Former player Brian Johnson
(quaterback coach now)
And we can't forget SWOOP with Kayla.
It was a day of fun for all and I think we will make this a yearly event. It was free to the public and after they offered autographs to the fans. Clay and the kids went down on the field and fought the crowds of people to get Coach Whit's autograph.

After we got home, I was very very pleased with the job our neighbor boy did on my bushes. Here's a before picture, while he was just starting.
Now this is what I came home to see. What a big change. I love it when my bushes are all trimmed. It makes the yard look so cute.What a GREAT day we had.

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Holly said...

looks like a ton of fun.. When I was in Price the U of U football came down for Spring training and I was always the lucky one working them. hehe..