Friday, April 16, 2010


So yesterday it was such a pretty day outside, I decided to go and enjoy the sun. Kayla came home from school and wanted to play some basketball in the driveway. I thought I would enjoy watching her for awhile. THEN...I got a wild hair up my butt! I was just thinking earlier that day that I need to start working on weight training and mixing up my exercise routine. So what better way to do that then to throw some hoops with my little girl. Every year I try to throw the ball in the basket, but every year it doesn't even get close to the net. My body strength was very weak and even with the hoop at its shortest level, I could not hit the net. But this time the hoop was all the way up and I was standing not in my wheel chair. So I thought I would try again. And OMG I actually hit the net, on the 1st try. Now to see if I could get it in the net!

It only took me a couple of tries and BAM! it went in!!! I was so excited and so was Kayla! With that little bit of determination I continued to shot more baskets. I even did a few lay up shots (not the prettiest form but I made the basket). My excitement got the best of me and I thought I would try to chase the ball after Kayla's rebound. Well....I guess I am not quite ready to run...LOL

I fell and I mean I fell hard. I caught the fall with my hands and knee but the force of the fall caused my haed to slam into the cement. OUCH!!! I didn't cry cause I could see that Kayla was concerned about me when she saw the blood. It was just the 2 of us at home and I was laying on the driveway bleeding. Poor Kayla, she ran into the house and got the wet wash cloth, a baggie of ice and a band aid. After further examination, I realized I was not injured bad enough to call a neighbor to help.

Kayla assisted me up and back to my patio swing. She felt really bad and thought she was responsible. I told her she did not cause me to fall, it was my STUBBORNESS!!!

I have a profound sympathy for abused people, cause that's how I feel. I never knew I had so many parts of my body that could hurt all at the same time. I am way too old to be falling on the cement. But it sure felt good to be able to throw the ball hard enough to make a basket.

As much as I hurt the day after, I am not going to let a few bumps and bruises keep me down. I will continue to do challenging thing. I will ride a 2 wheel bike and get back on roller skates again. (despite of what my husband thinks). I am very stubborn and I credit my quality of life to that. I could just as easily give up and not try anything new or hard. But that's not me! Or who I want to be! I am making my life better for me and my family. These scars will heal. I will continue to buy more Neosprin and stay active as much as I can..

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Holly said...

Every scar has a story... Some of the stories are awesome and some well... they can be just as interesting with a little twist (hehehe) I am so glad you got up and played ball. I am proud of you that you are not giving up. A fall is only bad if you don't get up and try again.. It may hurt and it may look bad but nothing is better than trying it again.