Thursday, April 22, 2010

So you want RED!

I went tanning today and I asked for a lotion that would help me feel the burn. I know I am weird but I really like the burning feeling on my skin. I bought an unlimited pass for a month. The bed I go to is the Ultra Ruva bed. It doesn't have the burning UV rays like the Wolf beds. I am getting tanner but missing the burn feeling. So the person there told me about this lotion.

It's called Betrayal.

It brings the blood to the surface of your skin causing it to tingle. He warned me that I would look RED when I came out but it would not stay that way. After about 3 hours it will go into a tan. Man was he right! I felt the burn this time and I was REALLY RED right after. Now it is toning down and it looks much better. I think I want this lotion but it cost $70 for one bottle. (and its not that big either) I only go to the tanning beds for the 1st month of summer then I use the natural sun rays outdoors to keep me tan. I always have thought that BROWN fat looks thinner than WHITE fat. Hence I tan!


Ashley Hawkes said...

HAHA I seriously agree with you on everything you said! I only go tanning for the first little bit of spring/summer until I get dark, then I pretty much stay dark all summer. I LOVE feeling burned too!! I thought I was the only one, and Dave makes fun of me! I used that lotion once and I thought I was dying, nobody warned me that it would burn! LOL You look amazing!!

Valerie said...

From the ages of 15-20, I managed tanning salons (3 od them) and it was the funnest job EVER! (Needless to say, it included free tanning)

~Lesia and Clay~ said...

Oh my goodness Ash~we must be related....LOL oh yeah you are related to Clay, so how does that work for me...hmmmm. Oh well glad we are not alone!

Quay said...

Ouch!! I an't believe you like to burn!! LOL Crazy I say!! Cute blog Lesia!!!