Friday, January 15, 2010

Mommies helper

Meet Briahna!

I think we are going to be great business friends...I got her name from my neighbor and friend. Bri is her 19 year old, struggling college student, niece. And of course when I hear she was going to the U of U I already knew we were meant to be. Her job is to help mom's by doing ANYTHING that they need done.

Her schedule worked out perfect with mine. She isn't a morning person and neither am I, she likes people to be honest and truthful and that works for me too. I am always afraid I am asking too much of her but so far she seems to be doing a fantastic job. Her services are very reasonably priced and with a minimum of 2 hours that works really nice. I have a long list of thing I need done around the house. So I can keep her busy for quite a while.

Today she went and rented a Rug Doctor from the local grocery store.

After she moved all the stuff out of the way and vacuuming it was business time! I am a follower of a blog that says cleaning with vinegar is a great way to do your carpets so I had her give it a try. Granted my room smells like Easter eggs being dyed but I am willing to try anything to get these stains out. Here she is mixing the vinegar and steaming hot water.
Pretty sure it's going to need a second or third hit but it is already looking better.
You be the judge!


Kate said...

So jealous! I need a mommies helper!

Valerie said...


Cute pics!

I love having a helper, too. Nothing compares... :)

She's my niece, not cousin, but it's all good!! :D

~Lesia and Clay~ said...

Sorry Val she is now officially your niece!!!

Janet said...

Good work! The carpet looks much better.