Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Baby is growing up!

It makes me sad to know my last little girl is getting to be a young lady. Seeing her wearing teen age clothes, lip gloss and heels is too big of a shock. She is getting ready in these pictures to attend a school field trip. She loves her hair to be straighten, jewelery and putting on smelly perfume. My oldest daughter, who is almost 30 now, never enjoyed these things. So it is nice to see Kayla looking like a young lady. I just don't know if I am ready for her to grow up so fast.




I feel sorry for the boys, who will be interested in her when she gets to dating age. I think her dad is going to have a hard time watching his little baby girl grow up to be a teenager. (the whole boyfriend thing) The time is approaching WAY too fast for us... We love you Kayla!


Nichole said...

Makayla is BEAUTIFUL!! I miss you guys!

Alicia and Mike said...

Oh man! Look out world! She is so pretty!

Katharine Wolfgramm Wilson said...

She's Beautiful inside and out....she really looks after you alot! I try to slow down with my boys,cause I know they will grow up so fast,and before you know it,they'll be gone and married..and I'll have an empty home.....I love your did you get the music to play automatically..Love it!