Saturday, January 30, 2010

Music to my ears!

While I was out shopping for new clothes, Clay was home installing
a stereo in my front room closet.

I asked him if he would put the stereo in the closet and hang my Bose speakers above the closet doors. His response was "And where am I going to get the electricity from inside the closet?" I said "I trust you will find a solution and I don't want to see any wires on the wall either." He rolled his eyes and quickly changed the subject. That was weeks ago. So we I got home and saw this, I was so happy.

He was able to get the electric supply from the garage (which is on the other side of the closet) and he installed the outlet on the wall inside the closet. He ran the wires from behind the front room wall and put wall hangers on the back of the speakers. The speaker wires are no where to be seen, which is what I wanted. He is so talented and I love him so much.

You can see one of the speaker wires from inside the closet
when the closet door is open.
But that's not a problem cause the doors will be shut!
See how nice the speakers look and you can't even see the stereo.
I love my front room. I can sit in front of the fireplace and listen to my music now.



Holly said...

You are so spoiled.... Will you send Clay up this way???? I need to paint the inside of the house. =)

nikki1488 said...

clay is awesome

Ashley Hawkes said...

WOO HOO!! Yay for awesome husbands who know how to do stuff!! LOL looks great!

clayjon_davis said...

I'd say you should be happy with it! lol

Kate said...

That is great!

Lerose103 said...

Looks Good! Awesome job Clay!